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Spring 2012 ~ Fall 2012


Fractal Image Synthesis in Java3D



Fractals, the masterpieces of nature, reveal the beauty of mathematical arts.  I have tried to implement the fractals imaging techniques during my second summer in undergraduate college. Some select works listed on my Fractal Visualizations page.  


I got attracted to computer graphics which is my current research area when I was a sophomore. Here listed are some interesting projects I used to work on.

Computer Games Implementation in Java3D



I have implemented some interesting 2D or 3D games using Java programming My first Java 3D game is a chess game when I was a sophomore as shown here. There are some more games that are put on my Game Designs page. 

Fall 2011 ~ Spring 2012


Geometric Modelings in Java3D



Geometric modeling is the perfect tool to visualize the shape of equations. I have implemented the visualizations of implicit equations using marching cubes and the explicit equations to represent natural objects such as fruits and mountains, please find more details in my Parametric Modeling page. 

Fall 2012 ~ Fall 2013

Java   Language and Parametric Modeling for Architecture Design



As my graduation design, I developed a Java-like computer programming language Javab (Flat), its compiler, and its virtual machine. I have applied this language to the parametric modeling for architecture design. As shown in the figure below, the left is the Javab language and the right is the generated 3D model of the parametric architecture concept design trough the Javab virtual machine,  more details are on my Javab Project page. 

Fall 2013 ~ Spring 2014



Fall 2015 ~ Spring 2016

Fluid Simulation Using OpenGL



I have learned fluid simulation techniques in UCF and implemented some interesting real-time rendering tests such as fluid-fluid interaction and fluid-obstacle interaction using OpenGL programming.  For more details, please refer to my Fluid Simulation page. 

Fall 2014 ~ Spring 2015


Realistic Rendering Using WebGL



I have learned realistic rendering techniques in UCF and implemented lost of interesting rendering algorithms such as shadow mapping, irradiance mapping, scene mapping, glow mapping, and normal mappings using WebGL programming.  For more details, please refer to my Realistic Rendering page. 

Fall 2014 ~ Spring 2015

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